Friday, August 8, 2008

Bashkort Freddie Mercury

This song is logical as a sports anthem, but it's funny to see Bashkort people in Native Costume singing a Freddie Mercury song. It's sort of a jawdropper. I don't know if they would've chosen that song if they were to have gone out on a Saturday Night with Freddie. I'm hoping the next number will be a cover of T-Rex, "Bang A Gong" or Gary Glitter's "Do You Wanna Touch - Me There!" Maybe they can sing a song holding hands in a big circle around that big statue behind them, something like "Let The Sunshine In"! At our last Saban Tuy, I had expressed jealousy that Bashkurt men get to wear all kinds of furs and hoo-ha as part of their native dress, and Tatar males have a more "conservative" look. In California, if you were to try to pull of a Dr. Zhivago look with a big Fur Coat, people WILL yell angry things at you on the street. They may even throw something at you.

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