Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pickpocket Your Tatar Pimp and Go Shopping!

This is great.
Lessons every Young Tatar Girl needs to learn.
And a cool Tatar song for a soundtrack;

1.) Dance around in front of your pimp half naked.
2.) Ply him with alcohol
3.) After he passes out, empty his wallet.
4.) Go to the shopping mall and dance!

Иркэ и DJ Radik ("Бай син, бай)
Irke and DJ Radik - Bay Sin Bay!


Farida said...

hehehe this is amusing!
and if that shopping mall is in kazan, then i have been there!

=D such a great lesson for me XD

iLhan said...

Rahmet yazganigiz ochen, Farida.

It IS a good song and all, even though it may have priorities gone crazy!

Selamler California'dan.