Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Home The Music Shop 3

Here are some more. The classical guitar I've had since I was about 12 years old. It's Japanese and still has a rich smooth tone. I play it more than anything else, and no, it doesn't normally hang in front of a flag. The black one is a 6 string ukelele. It has that "plinky plink" sound of a ukelele, but you can express standard chords and standard guitar tuning. I found it in a music shop in Brugges, Belgium while on vacation. The gold accordion is from the Marin flea market and has a standard "Lawrence Welk" sound, tight bellows, 120 buttons. The Marin flea market is no longer there and is now an ugly shopping mall. My favorite vendor there was the man that would sit in front of the table covered with rocks. They weren't special rocks. He just liked them. The pink guitar I picked up in Boston. I called the airline from the music shop to see if they would let me take it home. The last time I played it onstage, someone afterwards asked me if it was "Real". I refer to it as my "Barbie" guitar. It has a sloppy surf twang that's really nice. The red one is a standard Fender Squire. I think every male in America should be given one of these upon High-School Graduation. "Congatulations, you've passed your Led Zeppelin Proficiency Exam, Here's your guitar!" The red one has been played to death and can only be played with massive distortion. The frets are almost gone.

You are never lonely with a guitar. It is no coincidence that they're that shape. I think it took Salvador Dali to show us when he painted the back of that naked lady. They just feel great in your hands.

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