Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tatar Accordion YouTube

My brother and family in Seattle sent me an incredible video camera for my birthday.

Bek Zur Rahmet.

This video has become a bit blurry during conversion, but this is my first Video. (my lame excuse) I'm finding the blurring effect to be flattering, as I'm not aging as gracefully as I'd hoped to.
I built a bench in the featured Bay Window so that I could sit in the sun and play guitar and accordion. Under the bench there are dozens and dozens of books of Sheet Music.

A definitive architectural feature in San Francisco is the Bay Window. The view from my seat is past a cathedral on a hill towards Golden Gate Park and onwards towards the Pacific Ocean. If It's warm outside, I crack the windows and people look up from the bus-stop 3 floors down.
and they think........."My God, I'm so sick of hearing Kuk Kugercin!".

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Stacey said...

I heart Ilhan playing accordion. :) Reminds me of 1992 when you and Laura & I lived together.