Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tatar Food At Safeway!

I love these. It's not exactly what you're supposed to call them, but I love these Tatar-Tots fresh from the oven with Aoili. (garlic mayonaise.) It's nice to have an array of dipping sauces for special occassions. Ketchup or Sweet&Sour sauce is nice. At the "Lucky" market close to my home, you can get a 5 pound bag for about 3 bucks! I was not served this in Kazan

Ash Bulsin!

now Tartar sauce is just Mayonaise with pickles to dip your fishsticks in. Tatar Tots with Tatar Sauce makes a truly delightful meal. Don't forget the Tartan Plaid tablecloth!

Steak Tartare (People are often pleased with themselves over this pun. The correct response is "How Original, I've never heard that one before" ) may work too, but we may be getting enough Protein already. I've heard stories about the naming of this food. (Doesn't it just mean RAW?) Someone told me it was about storing raw meat under a saddle while riding. NOW that sounds ridiculous enough to be true. I've heard myself saying, "It's Tatar, Not Tar Tar."

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