Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hai! The Japanese and Islam and Asia

This is the only picture I could find of the Mosque in Kobe. Kobe is where my father and uncle were born. This pic includes Ali Akis and his father and copied from
Does anyone have a picture of this mosque from further away? The doorway hints at an Arabesque structure.

This article may help to answer a few questions about what we were all doing in Japan. I have no complaints about our sidestep to Japan. I love Sushi, and Udon noodles can be almost as nourishing as Ebe's Salma Chorba. My father's side of the family lived happily in Kobe for years. and there used to be a sizable Tatar population in Tokyo. Tatars apparently built the first Mosque in Tokyo, which was a very beautiful building, particularly the minaret, Hai!

Maybe someone should make up a FAQ page about the California Tatar Community.

Q: Why don't you look Japanese?

Q: Why don't you look Chinese?

Q: Why don't you look Muslim?

Q: Is that the last of the Peremech, or are you going to make more?
This article was written by SELÇUK ESENBEL and is published in "The American Historical Review"Shin-okubo (Tokyo) madrasa
Milli Bayrak - Tatar Publication in Japan
so here's the typical conversation - "Oh Ilhan, that's an interesting name, Where are you from?
Well, I was Born in Canada, My brother in Turkey, My Father in Japan, and my Mother in China, but we're Tatar.
What's Tatar?

Here's a book in Russian about the Tatar experience in Japan and China

"Татарская эмиграция в Японии"

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