Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Horses - Gabdullah Tukay

Two Horses - Gabdullah Tukay

I ride a pair of horses to Kazan,
The coachman hurries on, stretching reins and whipping.

Evening has come. The moon is shining happily sparkling:
Quiet wind makes the leaves flutter.

Everything is calm. Thoughts mutter and sing something:
My eyes are closing and a dream is covering me.

And having opened my eyes, I see unfamiliar fields.
Oh what a separation! For the first time I see it.

Goodbye, Goodbye and forgive me, my land where I lived,
Where I had various thoughts. "I'll do it this way, or I'll do it that way".

Goodbye to the town where I lived! You are so far from me now
Oh, familiar houses, you have also disappeared.

I am so sad, my heart is burning, and I am captured by my thoughts and sorrows
There is not even a companion: only my thoughts and I are together.

And unfortunately, even the coachmen keeps silent.
He does not sing about the ring of the beauty and her kalfak.

It appears that something is missing, something is not there yet nothing is missing
Everything is there except for relatives, I am an orphan, an orphan here

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