Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tatar Music Book Volume 2, yup

Here is volume 2 in .pdf format. I'm getting better at this and it's available as a 59 MB single file. This book is about 240 pages, about 100 pages longer than the first. This book is for the intermediate level pianist. The Treble staff is helpful for transcribing the tunes for other instruments. I'm able to pick nice guitar lines out of this. I could be persuaded to break this up into files smaller than 20 MB to email. ( offers free email accounts that can handle attachments up to 20 MB)
Sadly, this volume has no strange pictures of little girls running down staircases. (with bows in their hair)

The First Volume of this book is posted elsewhere on this blog.
Buyuruguz... Dustlarim

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