Saturday, August 16, 2008

Azuk Absi's Dinner Table

I think this is from Azuk Absi's dinner table in Istanbul sometime around 1970.

At the end of dinner, there was often a song. Sometimes Ebe would sing. Sometimes everyone would sing. Sometimes more than one song. It's difficult to not become emotional when listening to Ebe singing. She would hold both of your hands and sing into your face, like you were being held hostage. The last time she sang for me, she did again, her holding my hands and singing. She had broken her hip and my stepfather had worked out a free ticket on PanAm because I was bringing a walker and other medical supplies. She referred to her walker as "her Horse". The rest of the family was at the coast on Holiday, so I had an opportunity to spend some time with her. She loved being Tatar and loved Tatar music.

I don't know the name of this song, but I'm guessing it's "Tam".

The really loud man singing is our Zahuk Absi. He's no longer with us and was such a kind man.

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