Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Scotlandstan, Tatarstanning Yaninda

Tartan refers to fabric woven into plaid patterns representing clans (families) or regions in Scotland.

In old Scotland, the tartan was used for clothing and as a banner or flag. Because a family or community worked the cloth together, their clothing was made of the same patterns, and so a person could be recognized by the Tartan plaid that he wore. Tartans can also be designed as a symbol commemorating a special event or person.

I've heard more bad jokes over the years referring to "Tartare" sauce or the like. Occasionally someone will make the linguistic "connection" between Tartan plaid and Tatars. Years ago, someone had brought this to our attention. I replied by saying, "Yes, this is true. There is a connection between the British Isles and Tatarstan and if the ancient Stonehenge monument is viewed from above, It resembles a giant Peremech."

From what I understand, the furthest extent West of the Empire of Genghis Khan was Poland. I'd also think that British food would be better if we were involved.

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