Friday, August 1, 2008

My Home The Music Shop

I'd always had a vision of making my home into a music shop. I'd had a dream to be able to play every musical instrument in the world, at least one simple song. (impossible) People are free to pick up instruments and play. The hootenanny of my dreams has only happened a couple of times, but spontaneous collaborations can be very exciting. Too much music these days is conveyed by machines; Televisions, Car Stereo, Radios at a Cafe, etc.... It's refreshing to hear a real live instrument on the street, a voice in song. People thank me for playing accordion in the park. I feel that they are truly grateful, and I hope to enhance their visit to San Francisco. It becomes an opportunity to teach them about Tatars, Tatarstan, and about what sweet music we have.

This is one of several accordions. It was purchased in Spokane Washington at a flea market and is manufactured in Germany. It has a very shrill "musette" sound, very metallic and romantic.
Do those two words rhyme?
Here's my second classical guitar and a couple of pics of my Piano. The piano is from 1926. I love the legs. It has nice legs, just like me. It sits in front of a beautiful painting of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.

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