Sunday, August 24, 2008

They're Not Tatar In Juneau Alaska

I wasn't the only fool on April Fool's Day years ago. The people of Juneau Alaska were fools for not buying this Awesome Hand-Painted One-Of-A-Kind KISS Nesting-Babushka set. There weren't any cruise-ships in town so nobody was there to watch me scream when I saw Gene Simmons sitting there on the shelf.
I'm not sure where the fun is supposed to be with these Russian toys. I think they're meant to teach you that life is a disappointment. There's really nothing at the end, it just gets smaller and smaller. Perhaps they're meant to teach children how to be precise. (Gene Simmon's tongue extends to the lower portion of the babushka, which assists with precise alignment.)

And yes, there are Russians still in Juneau. There is a pretty, old wooden octagonal Russian Orthodox Church there. I think it fits about 20 people. The people of Juneau are very kind. The scenery is very dramatic there, but the weather couldn't be worse, Freezing and Wet.

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